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Random Occurrances

Some highlights of this past weekend include: I told a girl wearing a pearl necklace that she should be openly mocked for wearing sexual innuendo around her neck. ********Walking through my friend’s birthday party that had somehow become overrun with freshman making out and falling over:Freshman Tool: “Yeah, you just write the alphabet with your [...]
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What Is This World Coming To?

Last night I did something completely out of character. Jo and I went to this frat party because friends of ours were playing a show there. Free booze, nerdy people, an okay time. I brought a very cute guy home. He was nice, attends MIT, works for Texas Instruments, and I’ll mention again that he’s [...]
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I Touch Myself

I make it very clear that I enjoy masturbating. That’s not a secret to anyone. But sometimes I think that I may have a problem. I’ve masturbated at work, in the car, on the train, in public restrooms. A few months ago, while sitting in the back row of my history class, I may have [...]
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Sun Bathing

Peace. Tranquility. Happiness. Contentment.
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I Don’t Even Know What to Say About This

My grandmother got sea sick while doing water aerobics. Consider the absolute absurdity of that statement. Honestly, who the hell can get SEA SICK in a POOL with 7 people who are so near death that they probably can’t even move their limbs enough to properly participate in the aerobic activity that consists of splashing [...]
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