Product Review: Fairy Wand Massager

In my quest to find the perfect wand style vibe, I decided to try out the Fairy Wand.

The Fairy Wand is pretty much the Hitachi, but sleeker, prettier, and lighter. And more powerful, if you can believe it. It also has multiple speeds, as opposed to the Hitachi’s two. The dial that controls the speeds is easy to roll, though sometimes I find it too easy, because I want to turn it up or down just a notch, and it goes crazy on me. That? Is annoying. The thing jumps from, like, 3 to 8 with just the flick of a finger, when you wanted it to go to 5. It’s also really easy to hit while in use, which just pisses me off.

This is not a quiet toy. In fact, it’s loud. Really loud. It makes this high pitched whine, and when it’s on the higher settings, sounds much like exactly like a blender. The vibrations are superficial and rattle-y, and now that I’ve been spoiled by the deep, rumbly vibrations of the Wahl, I find I myself yearning for those. I usually put the Fairy Wand down and just go back to the Wahl instead.

But this baby packs a PUNCH. I have finally found a vibe that I cannot use on the highest setting. I usually take every vibe I get and immediately turn it to “high,” and that’s where it stays. But I cannot handle this one when it’s on high. It’s just too much. I never thought I’d see the day when this happened, but I have.

I honestly don’t know what else to say about this toy because I can’t quite articulate *why* I don’t like it. Powerful is usually all I require in my toys, and this one definitely meets that qualification. But I don’t use it often, as I find the vibrations to be too superficial and the toy to be entirely too loud to use when other people are home. Actually, loud is an understatement. As I said, imagine that you turn the blender on in the kitchen. That’s what this toy sounds like. However, if you need a TON of stimulation, this toy might work for you. For me, I’d pick up my Wahl or Hitachi first.

The Fairy Wand also comes in the Fairy Mini, The Fairy MiniMini, The Pocket Fairy, and the Fairy Rechargable Wand. You can bet I’ll be trying them all, as I’m on a quest to find the perfect wand.

product picture
Fairy wand massager
Wand massager by Media Craft Inc
Material: Plastic
Buy from EdenFantasys
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  1. EpiphoraNo Gravatar
    Posted May 3, 2010 at 5:41 am | Permalink

    Yeah, I know what you mean about the vibrations feeling superficial. I can imagine that the wand feels very clunky in that size, too. I think you might like a smaller one, although you might encounter the same problems, just in a smaller size.

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