Product Review: Tantus Zing

When Naughty and Discreet sent me the Tantus Zing, I was fully prepared not to like it, for several reasons. First of all, the ridges scared the hell out of me. Who the hell puts ridges on a butt plug and why did they think it was a good idea? Second of all, I haven’t tried anal vibrations in a really long time. At the time, I wasn’t really familiar with myself, or with different sensations that different toys in different orifices provided, so the anal vibrations made me feel like I was about to lose control of my bowels. As you can imagine, this was an unpleasant sensation. So imagine my surprise when I DIDN’T hate the Zing! Is it the end all and be all of butt plugs? No. But it definitely has it’s perks, and it definitely has it’s place in my toybox.

The Zing is small, with it being an inch and a half in diameter at it’s largest spot. That is the size of the largest dildo or plug I’ve ever used anally, yet the Zing looked smaller than them to me. It’s has a kind of rounded put pointed tip, and three ridges going down the shaft. The base is round and has a hole for a one-speed wireless bullet to be inserted. Because it’s made of 100% Tantus silicone, it is non-porous, phthalate-free, and sterilizable (boil it, bleach it in a 10% solution, or throw it in the dishwasher– top shelf, no soap). However, because the toy is silicone, make sure to stick with water-based lubes only.

I first inserted the bullet into the base of the Zing. It’s a good idea to put a little bit of lube on the bullet before inserting it, especially if you ever plan on being able to take the bullet back out. Inserting the Zing was no problem. I didn’t even feel the ridges, to be honest, and the shape allowed it to comfortably slide right in. However, comfortable, barely-there plug this was not. The base was uncomfortable, and sitting on this thing was borderline painful. I was also acutely aware of the plug in my ass. This is definitely not a plug designed for extended wear. So what is it designed for?

Well, for Master and I, it proved it be a fantastic plug for play. He loved fucking me with my ass filled, as it makes my cunt much tighter. I also like the feeling of being filled in two holes. When I turned the vibe on, He was still inside me, and I began to orgasm involuntarily. This was not a clitoral orgasm. Those tend to be more intense, build gradually, and are easier for me to control if I want. This was purely a vaginal orgasm, which is really rare for me. It started back, almost at my cervix, and wasn’t so much intense as it was an involuntary throbbing of my vagina.

Profligacy said that the vibrations felt really good while He was inside me, and it felt to me almost like it turned His cock into a vibrating dildo. He also really liked the feeling of the vibrations of the base of the plug on His balls every time He thrusted. The plug stayed firmly in place for the first few of my orgasms, but the last one pushed it out of my ass. I actually got worried for a second, as the plug didn’t shoot out of my ass, but gradually fell out and down my ass. I was unsure at first if the warm, wet (the plug was lubed) sensation dripping down my ass was the plug coming out, or something far more embarrassing. Luckily, it was the former.

I was most worried about the ridges upon removal of the plug, but since it pushed itself out the first time, I couldn’t even tell. I decided to insert the Zing again, and see how removal felt when I was just removing the plug normally. I could feel the ridges a little more, but they still didn’t cause a problem for me, and it wasn’t what I would call painful at all.

Overall, I really liked the Zing, but for a very specific purpose. I would never use it as a plug for extended wear, as it’s quite uncomfortable and obvious when it’s in. It’s also uncomfortable to sit on. But for play, it’s definitely something that both Master and I enjoyed, and will definitely find a place in our toybox.

Thank you, Naughty and Discreet, for allowing me to review this toy!

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