Product Review: Peridise

I have spoken before about my desire to learn to enjoy anal play, so when the Aneros Peridise came up for review, I jumped at the chance to try it out. It’s a hard plastic unisex anal PC plug. It’s website claims that “by stimulating a peristaltic response, it generates a regional orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm.” It comes in a beginner’s set and an advanced set and both sets contain two plugs. The advanced set is smaller, as stronger anal muscles can grip a smaller toy. I ordered the beginner’s set, and as you can see, one of the plugs has a slightly more bulbous head, while the other toy has a thinner head. 

These are perfect for people inexperienced with anal play or afraid of something too big, because the toy is quite thin; about the girth of my finger.
My first thought upon receiving the toys was that I wished they were a different color. There is something about a white anal toy that just seems wrong. Darker colors would be more preferred. I used a silicone-based lube, since it is super slick and wouldn’t dry up. If you want to use a water-based lube, I always recommend glycerine-free lubricants. Not only will the glycerine make the lube get sticky, I have heard people complain that it makes their asshole itchy. Gross. And on top of that, glycerine is the number one ingredient in laxative suppositories. Think about that for a minute. Suppositories make what come out of your ass? Shit. So try to stay away from lube containing glycerine when you’re playing with your butt.
I liked the hard, smooth texture of the Peridise very much. I am very much a fan of hard toys, which is why I usually prefer glass or stainless steel dildos to silicone or jelly ones. They also make a fun sound when you tap them together, so if you ever need a spur of the moment percussion section, you’ve got it.
I got myself going by having two quick orgasms with my Hitachi. While I was still throbbing from the first orgasms, I lubed up the plug with the larger head and inserted it slowly. This was good, since I was already relaxed from the release of the orgasms and didn’t tense up like I have a tendency to do when sticking things in my butt.
The toy went in with no problem, and I very much liked how it felt. Again, kind of like when someone sticks a finger in your ass. And, considering that I like fingers in my ass, I liked this toy. It didn’t stretch me too much that I was uncomfortable, especially as someone that isn’t used to having anything very large up my butt. The thing I was most afraid of was the toy slipping out when I orgasmed, since it’s so small. But I had no such problem. The toy stayed firmly in place, and definitely helped to heighten the intensity of my orgasms.

The toy was very easy to clean, just warm water and antibacterial soap. You cannot boil plastic toys, but these are non-porous. You shouldn’t need to use a condom if you plan on sharing them, since they claim to be non-porous, but it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side. Overall, I really liked this toy, and it was perfect for what I wanted it for. It comes highly recommended!

Think you might like to try it out? Go check out Babeland and pick one up! It makes a great stocking stuffer!

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