Review: Roulette Berlin

I love queer porn. Like, a lot. And Courtney Trouble makes some of the best queer porn there is. A little while back, I won Roulette Berlin in Epiphora’s Courtney Trouble Week giveaway, and it’s pretty awesome. There is no plot to this movie. It’s just lots of awesome sex. It’s five separate scenes with four separate couples and one masturbation scene, and from what I understand, they’re all couples in real life. This is AWESOME. All of the couples have great chemistry and are clearly very comfortable with each other. Not only that, the performers are awesomely diverse. There’s a female/male (FTM) scene, a female/female scene, and genderqueer/male (FTM) scene, and a male/male scene. So, let’s break this down, one by one.

Judy and Killer

Judy is chillin’ in her apartment, waiting for Killer to come over, and so he does. Judy is absolutely adorable, and I love her small tits (if you didn’t know, I kinda have a thing for chicks with small tits) and the fact that she has more body hair than we’re used to seeing on women in the States. She has a full bush, and even a hint of a slight mustache above her upper lip, but she’s stunning nonetheless. Western standards of beauty can suck it.

Judy has the best poster ever on the back of her door:

And I love how clearly excited she is to see Killer when he walks in. She’s beaming, and pretty much continues to beam through the entire scene.

There is really no speaking in this scene, as the performers are French, and therefore do not speak English. However, there *is* a lot of giggling from Judy. A LOT OF GIGGLING. It’s really cute and endearing at first, but it gets old pretty quickly. Her moaning turns into screaming and I find it all a little excessive and irritating. That makes it sound like I disliked this scene, but that really isn’t the case at all; I liked it a lot, actually. The two of them have a very playful chemistry together, and Killer is clearly the one in control here and Judy is clearly loving that he’s in control.

There is a lot of Killer sticking his fingers in Judy’s mouth, gagging her with fingers, excessive amounts of saliva coming from her mouth, and tongue slapping. If this is not your thing, you probably won’t like the first half of this scene. However, I happen to find it hot, so I liked it.

Also, nice touch on the “Vote NO on Prop 8″ sign, even though they’re in Germany.

Overall, though, I really liked this scene because the two of them are smiling and happy and playful through the entire thing, and genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves.


Now, I’m going to say off the bat that I’m not really a fan of extended female masturbation scenes. I find them to get boring pretty quickly. Not that I love male masturbation scenes, either, but I prefer them to female ones. I will, however, say that Anja is fucking HOT.

Yeah. You could also hear her wetness, which is always hot, too. And the white bed and white wallpaper was such a pretty room and I wanted to be in it with her! She pretty much keeps her eyes closed, stays silent, and remains in the same position through the whole scene, and it drags. She eventually pulls out a vibe, which is, um… nice. Mostly though, I just want her to get off already. Masturbation is boring.

However, when she finally does come, you can tell it was intense for her, and her breathing is labored. My favorite part of the scene is the fact that she goes to sleep after her orgasm, because, I mean, who doesn’t?

I want to fuck Anja, but I definitely could do without watching her masturbate again.

Ena and G.G.

Um, HI HOT BALD CHICK. AND DISCO BALL. Also, black lights? The black lights make me think more of tanning bed bulbs than the cool, clubby scene I think they’re going for here. And while I had a problem with the music in a lot of the film (which I’ll get to later), I found it the most distracting in this scene. I actually liked the song, but it got stuck in my head and kind of took away from what was happening on the screen.

The scene starts out with Ena blindfolded, but it’s kind of hard to tell what’s happening because the only light at this point is from the blacklights. It appears that G.G. is standing over her and kissing her? Massaging her breasts? while Ena masturbates, first with fingers, then with a dildo or vibrator or something. Finally, G.G. moves down to Ena’s vag and into the light and LOOK! There *is* another person in this scene!

At this point, the music has infiltrated every part of my brain, and I’m singing, “Do, do you like me?” over and over in my head while bopping along to it. And then there’s a weird strobe light/slo-mo part interspersed with moaning? During which you can’t really see anything?


The lighting during this scene is really unfortunate, because once these two get going, they’re really hot together. About 3/4 of the way through the scene, the lighting improves, as does the scene.

I definitely don’t dislike the scene, but I did dislike the music in the beginning (it gets turned down later in the scene) and the unfortunate lighting. And I love that it ends with the two of them tenderly making out and kissing and smiling at each other.

Blond Stud and Ju

This is an awesome scene. It’s a D/s scene, and the two performers are clearly VERY comfortable together. It involves Blond Stud stepping on Ju with hir boots, putting out ze’s cigarettes on him, and generally dominating the fuck out of him. What *is* unfortunate, is that these two performers speak French and I do not. A big part of the enjoyment I get out of D/s is hearing the commands and talk exchanged between the two parties. Unfortunately, I lost that in this scene, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t an awesome scene.

I love the beginning when Blond Stud pushes Ju to the ground and lightly kicks his crotch with hir boot. You can clearly see Ju’s cock through his pants, and it’s really hot. I love how clearly they both seem to be enjoying themselves, as Ju frantically jerks his cock and Blond Stud laughs as ze steps all over him.

There’s a huge amount of trust in this scene, as there should be in D/s play. And while nothing overtly sexual happens for the first half of this scene, you can tell that Ju is getting off on being dominated, and it’s hot as hell. I wish I knew what was being said, but someone that spoke or understood French wouldn’t have an issue with it.

This was a highly successful scene overall, and was plagued by the least of the lighting/soundtrack issues of all of them.

Walter and Nikolaj

This is, by far, my favorite scene of this film. Granted, I love to watch guys fuck. There’s something so aggressive and animalistic about it, and this scene is no different. These two are almost fighting for the top and their desire seemingly can’t be contained.

They get in some of the oddest positions I’ve ever seen, and the entire scene is a mess of body parts and rolling this way and that way. Oh, and there’s lots of cock slapping, too. YES, PLZ. However, as you’ll see, this scene was hard to screencap, because of the graininess of the scene. I don’t know if it was the lighting, or what, but it was definitely grainy. And I’m not someone that’s usually bothered by that. It doesn’t bother me as much when I’m watching it, but it made getting clear screencaps very difficult.

However, the level of enjoyment of both of these guys is what makes this scene so hot. It’s really fucking hot.

Over the course of the entire film, I did find the music in almost every scene to be overly aggressive. I’m not really sure I want to listen to house-type music along with my porn. That’s really a minor complaint, though, and I really enjoyed this film for the chemistry among the performers and the diversity of gender that was represented.

You can pick this up for yourself at Good Vibes, if you’re so inclined.

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  1. EpiphoraNo Gravatar
    Posted August 1, 2010 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

    You should review more porn! You are way good at it! And yes, agreed on the music.

  2. KillerNo Gravatar
    Posted August 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm | Permalink

    I love the way you talk about what you like.
    Happy to read you, merci.

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