Master of His Own Domain: Leather Ball Stretchers

Ball stretchers come in a plethora of materials and designs. They are made of materials including neoprene, leather and metal, to name a few. I did a previous piece on ball weights that are a type of ball stretcher. Leather stretchers, as pictured, are usually about 7 inches in length with varied widths. The width you select would be based on comfort and the amount of stretching you desired. The ends have snaps or straps that hold the stretcher in place once wrapped around the scrotum. I searched for some other descriptions of leather stretchers and found these general statements on Wiki.

“Stretching for short periods of time beyond what is comfortable either in length or weight can be both painful and pleasurable, and is one component of cock and ball torture (CBT).”

“Ball stretchers can be worn on a daily basis for long periods of time and will, over a period of months, permanently elongate the scrotum. However, since the scrotum is a relatively elastic piece of skin and frequently changes in length, the greater length may not readily apparent unless it is fully extended (for example, in hot weather). Leather ball stretchers are sometimes combined with a cock ring and attaching with metal snaps to the bottom of the ring.”

I thought extreme restraints also had a good summary of this particular item and the specifics of why they are pleasurable. I also covered these in my ball weights post.

“Having the balls pulled downward can be a stimulating feel for men and a stunning visual for their partner. During sexual activity, it is normal for the balls to retreat upward right before and during ejaculation. A ball stretcher will actually keep the testicles in place which gives enhanced sensations for men.
These ball stretchers also include a D-ring on the side so that you can attach additional weight.”

If the leather stretcher is stiff added weights are not really needed to prevent the testicles from retreating upwards prior to ejaculation but can increase the stimulation. Another nice thing about a leather stretcher as opposed to hefty ball weights are that they are discrete, less bulky and not so damn heavy. :) This is particularly useful if you want to wear them under clothing or have sex with it on. Ball weights could seriously harm you or your partner if you got into a serious rhythm.

I have learned another interesting thing to do with these while experimenting. This is the act of ball fucking. The stretcher locks the testicles at the end of a nice cylindrical package. With lots of lube and patience this testicle dildo of sorts can be inserted into the vagina and thrust in and out. I would recommend silicone based since it will help protect the leather; if you use a neoprene device water based only. There is also the physical and visual appeal of having your sack totally immersed while you, or your partner, strokes your cock to completion in plain view.

There are endless variations on this theme. There is even a ballz gag that is exactly that. Two leather straps extend from the stretcher to wrap around the head of your sub of you choice while you let her watch in high definition as her forehead is soiled. Now that is hot!

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  1. Welcome to Chicago, Jillinois
    Posted February 7, 2010 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    GAH. I can't properly leave a comment.

    What do you think of "electrical play?"

    That shit seems pretty hardcore. But you seem pretty hardcore. Ever try it? General thoughts?

  2. Profligacy
    Posted February 7, 2010 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    I have tried it. I have a stim set. Thanks for the idea for my next post! :)

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