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No, not water. Lube! Being in a relationship with a prolific sex blogger (as she has been called) results in several things. One of which is some schooling in lubes. My previous post on lubes brought a comment from Britni (I think the fact her Master could be so ignorant insulted her a bit) that she could suggest some alternatives for me. She gave me numerous links to several lubes for different applications and low-and-behold I have purchased a couple of them. One of which is H2O manufactured by Sliquid. The website says “Created by sensitive women, for sensitive women.” “But I like it too!” I will add, reminiscent of an old Irish Spring soap commercial.

H2O is a glycerine and paraben free water based lube. Glycerines tend to make lubes sticky to me and they seem to dry out quickly, though adding water (or spit) will reactivate it. Paraben is a preservative used in cosmetics and seems innocent enough although some people do have allergies to it and there are unscientifically verified links to breast cancer and weak estrogenic activity. Water base lubes are essential for silicone toys, which most of the better items are made from these days. The ingredients are Purified H2O, Plant Cellulose, Polyquat 007 and DMDM Hydantoin. Polyqart-007 is also called Polyquaternium-7 and is used in a myriad of cosmetics. There are traces of acrylamide in polyqart-007, which is a carcinogen, but the amounts are far too low to be an issue. You likely breathe in more dangerous chemicals each day from the air you breath. DMDM Hydantoin is a preservative that works by releasing formaldehyde. Anyway, the amounts in this product are certainly nothing to be worried about and they are both common preservatives used by the cosmetics industry and approved by the FDA. The fact the glycerine is gone cranks my tractor however.

I tried the lube with a Fleshlight I had recently acquired. I tried to not use too much. The lube is a little runnier than I like. I tried to take a picture that showed the consistency of the lube. Springing my fingers apart and forming a nice string of fluid between them seemed hard to do. (Damn those look like my fathers fingers, scary) When it happened it did not last long and I had to time the photo almost before I separated my fingers. Furthermore the stuff kept dripping off my fingers onto the carpet.

I applied some lube to the toy and my cock and found the consistency felt pretty damn good. I did get some run off onto my balls but, but I kind of like that feeling as well. I think during masturbating I only had to add more lube once so it was evidently staying in place pretty well. The stuff held up well barehanded as well. I did have to occasionally add more since all water based lubes dry a little, either through evaporation or absorption into the skin, but this stuff was fantastic. Very nice feel and it has zero smell. I rubbed some on my fingers a minute a ago and I can’t tell I had any on there. Clean up is a breeze. Another bonus for me is that a water base lube is pretty sure to soften my hands while I play to ensure not irritation after.

I have not tried this during sex with Britni yet, like she really needs lube. Ha! Apparently when she is REALLY drunk lubrication is difficult but to tell you the truth I have not really found that to be the case. Sidebar here: I used to be a prolific pre-sex lube user. I just assumed I would need it and found copious amounts made my stimulation 100% better. Britni is just so damn fucking wet all the time I have a feeling I will only be using this lube by myself.

This is good stuff and I will buy more. This product came highly recommended through our Twitter friends and I see why now. Good stuff. You need to buy some too. Submit, you know you want it.

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  1. longingsend
    Posted January 4, 2010 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

    Sliquid is our lube of choice. We love it. We use "sassy" which is their water based anal lube. You might like that better as it is thicker and lasts longer than just the h2o. We use sassy for everything, not just anal. :)

    xo Mina

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