Master of His Own Domain: Prince Albert

Prince Albert is the name of a piercing that circles through the end of the penis entering just under the head and exiting out the urethra. This is one of 6 piercings that I have and is by far my favorite. If I had to remove all but one this is certainly the ring I would keep.

My interest in piercing started in college. Back then an earring was still considered edgy. Looking back, I think I have always felt myself slightly kinky and an earring was probably my first outward statement to others that “Hey, I am different.” There were always the jokes, “Hey, which ear means you’re gay?” and I remember my mother crying and saying “My son is a hooligan!” when I could not hide it from her.

I took a gold pointed stud that my Sister had gotten when she had her ears first pierced with one of those piercing guns. I took a few drinks and forced the pointed stud through my ear lobe bare handed one night. Pain was minimal but the crunching sound of the stud going through the layers of my flesh in my ear lobe is something I will never forget. I barely let the ring heal and found, even then, there were situations and places that I was not comfortable expressing my inner self. As a result I would take the ring out when I was in situations where I thought my earring would result in negative generalized assumptions about me. As an aspiring Engineering student this consisted mainly of a part time job I had acquired at a Missile Defense think-tank. Long story short (too late) putting the ring back in only for weekends of debauchery resulted in the hole closing up and some slightly bloody frustrated evenings when I refused to give it up. Eventually I did.

Ten years later erotic piercing became vogue. Now defunct companies such as Gauntlet in San Francisco provided a monthly magazine, supplies and videos on how to do them yourself. The whole subculture appealed to me and living in the Bible belt it was certainly considered avant-garde, which I liked. Furthermore, I found the whole idea of piercing erogenous zones sensuous, titillating and attractive.

My nipples have always been quite sensitive and useful during masturbation and sex so that was my first. I was on a road trip with friends in Cocoa Beach at a strip club. We were playing pool and I had a few drinks, and decided right then to find a tattoo shop and get my left one done. I returned an hour later with a fresh piercing and I was immediately thrown on the pool table and ogled by various strippers at the new “mark” that I was different. This was of course before body piercing was so common. The attention and shock it caused was attractive. So much so the running joke among my friends was “Hi, I am Profligacy, have you seen my nipple piercing?”

I remained single ringed for a few years. The conflicts of even a hidden piercing with conservative work and life were still there. I was basically told that this ring would reduce my ability to advance in the company because I would not be taken seriously. I also found that suddenly I was “randomly” drug tested at work up to 3 times one year. The assumptions and stigma with being different in this world are very much still there. I learned to talk about my secret only with trusted friends and fellow kinsters that I came across.

I had a vision in my mind of the remaining piercings that I wanted. I wanted both nipples, a Guiche and a Prince Albert. The Prince Albert was next. I made an appointment with a supposedly experienced piercer in Salt Lake City. When the guy showed up for the appointment he was obviously very high, and I assume a little uneasy at the prospect of having to intimately handle another man’s junk. He placed the ring too low on the shaft, and the layers of skin were not lined up when he did it, so when I got an erection I would start to bleed and it was uncomfortable. I removed it after a week.

Disappointed but not deterred, I reasoned that the only person I would trust with such a personal thing was me, so I did some reading, and one sunny summer day sat naked on the floor of my bathroom, sober, gloved, with a needle in one hand and a receiving tube in the other. I marked the spot I wanted it, placed the tube in my urethra so I could see the end through my skin, and with slightly shaky hands pushed the needle through.

Perhaps it was the adrenaline, or maybe circumcision scars are not as sensitive, but I am going to tell you that this was BY FAR the least painful piercing I have. There was little blood due to the fact the 14 gauge ring filled the wound. Healing was quick, about two weeks. My skeptical girlfriend at the time was pretty much against it, although she did not complain, I could tell she was not impressed and a little turned off. After I healed came the moment of truth: sex. I mean, I think it just looks sexy, but during my reading, the advantages for both partners was touted to be significant in sensation.

After we fucked and recovered I turned to her and said “Well?” She paused a moment and her frown turned to a smile and she said, “I liked it, a lot.” Truth is, I did too. The ring turns through the piercing during sex and the extra stimulation was new and exciting. The ring has never been an issue dating. Most often I would tell a lover about it prior, sometimes I would spring it on her. No one has ever insisted I take it out prior to having sex. As a matter of fact, finding out I have one, I am sure, has caused curiosity and resulted in sex when I probably would have had none. FTW! To get one direct opinion on my Prince Albert I asked Brit to write a little about her thoughts.

Brit: Honestly, I don’t notice the ring when we have sex. Profligacy does manage to hit my g-spot in a way that no other lover has been able to, and there’s a good chance that it’s related to the piercing, but overall, I can’t feel the piercing when He’s inside me. I do, however, feel it if He has it in when He fucks me anally. We’ve only done that once, and I bled. It is also really painful when He fucks my throat. If we’re going to be doing vigorous throat fucking, I ask Him to take it out, because it has a tendency to rub my throat raw. On a whole, though, it doesn’t really make a difference for me either way.

The ring is now a part of me. Through the following years I have found I felt naked without it. I could probably take it out for months without much closure. I have since stretched the ring size to a 4 gauge which is as large as I want to go. A good quality ring is important because if the bead on a captive-bead ring does not sit well it can pinch tender skin. I have tried segmented rings to avoid beads all together but they eventually wear and create a sharp edge at the joint that is irritating. During the day I find myself reaching into my pocket and grabbing it during stressful situations, and when I have to urinate it is a very handy tool that saves time having to fish things out of my fly. Urinating is probably the only downside.

The flesh around the ring is rather loose and the ring does not always fill the hole, so sometimes there is a second stream emanating at 90 degrees. Also, the ring itself causes
attachment that fans the flow making it less controllable. Urinals are generally fine since one can pretty much make sure everything goes where it needs to. However toilets are a problem. At 6 feet tall, the distance to the pot makes aiming a sprinkler head into a 1 foot diameter difficult. So, yes, I am a sitter. Problem solved. One can gently twist the head to seal the ring and stand but that almost always results in getting a little on your fingers so I just sit.

There are other things to do with a Prince Albert. There are Princes Wands (pictured above). One tends to find that the urethra is more comfortable with stimulation and they make longer jewelry that actually extends down inside and is locked in place with the piercing. I have yet to find a Princes Wand I enjoy, but I will likely keep looking. I have extended my experience to include some other non-piercing related urethra play that I will talk about in later posts.

My other piercings are two Guiche and my navel. The navel is one of the most useless piercings. I think I have to admit that one was just for giggles. I like the Guiche but they were a bitch to heal, as you can imagine. I have gone to complete gold jewelry. I love gold and figured the investment in fine jewelry to be rewarding. I enjoy my Prince Albert. I think it feels and looks sexy. I think it shows that I like my penis. I like it so much I bought it jewelry.

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  1. Sa
    Posted December 20, 2009 at 3:20 am | Permalink

    THis puts my shy wish to get my navel done quite to shame! Fascinating, Profligacy. And Britni, thanks for the clarification on oral sex.

  2. Radioactive Girl
    Posted December 20, 2009 at 4:09 am | Permalink

    Two of the hottest photos I have EVER seen and a great explanation…I also got into piercing years before it became more 'socially acceptable' with my navel (painful and pointless – removed after a year) and my tongue which I deeply loved but caused a lot of trouble for me in my other more conservative life too. I would remove it for periods to make conservative boyfriends or bosses happy…but being the tongue the piercing would heal very fast…I have had it re-pierced 3 times as I would always find the urge to have it and my enjoyment of it would outweigh the pressure to NOT have it…

    Haven't had it for over 2 years now due to a high powered corporate job…but am rethinking it again after this..

    Damn sexy post. Thanks for sharing!! More pictures will always be appreciated!! :o )

  3. eva
    Posted December 20, 2009 at 7:15 am | Permalink

    GREAT pictures! And the last few sentences on liking your cock so much that you bought it jewelry totally summed it up. I can't believe a nipple piercing could cause you trouble at work!? I'm glad I don't live in the bible belt, I doubt I'd fit in. Yesterday I saw a glimpse of children's television here on the government run tv channel in Norway, and one of the hosts there (who should be a role model for the kids and all) was a girl with a big septum nose ring. Not very conservative!

    Britni: I have that same tutu you're wearing in the new picture on the side!

  4. WannabeVirginia W.
    Posted December 20, 2009 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    So much for the content blog. :) Piercing that part of the body is just beyond my level of comprehension.

  5. Aurore
    Posted December 20, 2009 at 10:33 am | Permalink

    It goes without saying the pics are hot

    It some ways I can relate, having my nipples pierced is considered quite scandalous in the circles I run in. Leading the double life, as it were, is sometimes tiring and isolating.

    You're last two lines make me chuckle – I've been thinking the same thing about my nipples as I've been considering upgrading their adornment ;)

  6. Eliot
    Posted December 20, 2009 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    After reading this I have an even greater understanding of the appeal of such piercings. I even find them more interesting as a result. Thank you for writing this, Profligacy.

  7. Sequoia Redd
    Posted December 23, 2009 at 12:20 am | Permalink

    Hey Britni, what does it feel like to get fucked by a guy that has his cock pierced? I've never experienced that.

  8. Britni TheVadgeWig
    Posted December 23, 2009 at 12:26 am | Permalink

    Sequoia, I addressed it in the post, not sure if you saw that part of it. I said:

    Honestly, I don't notice the ring when we have sex. Profligacy does manage to hit my g-spot in a way that no other lover has been able to, and there's a good chance that it's related to the piercing, but overall, I can't feel the piercing when He's inside me. I do, however, feel it if He has it in when He fucks me anally. We've only done that once, and I bled. It is also really painful when He fucks my throat. If we're going to be doing vigorous throat fucking, I ask Him to take it out, because it has a tendency to rub my throat raw. On a whole, though, it doesn't really make a difference for me either way.

    And I truly do mean that. Overall, I don't feel it. But I do wonder if my ability to have my gspot stimulated to the extent that it is with Him is related to His piercing.

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