I don’t know what it is about me that brings out cruel, mean, vile people in droves. I mean, I know I’m opinionated, and I’m definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t know why people can’t just exit the screen if they don’t like what I write here. I don’t know why people feel the need to torment me and say awful things, taking the lowest blow possible. Why can’t they just not read me? Or read me but keep their mean thoughts to themselves?

The harsh comments have been getting really bad the last couple days. I mean, really bad. I’m not talking “I disagree with you!” mean. I’m talking “you deserved to get raped cunt” and “no wonder you’re depressed. you live a pathetic life full of bitching and moaning and boo hoo no one cares” kind of mean. I’ve been sending 99% of them to the trash, but I still see them. And, as thick as my skin is, they start to get to you after a while. I also try to publish comments on the site that are dissenting opinions, but there are several commenters that only comment when they want to call me a hypocrite, NEVER agree with anything I say, and can’t even be supportive on personal posts about depression or sexual assault and must find something to call me out on. There are also many comments that you never see, because they’re just plain cruel, left anonymously under fake emails.

I need to take care of myself. And eventually, all those comments add up and take their toll. I considered going silent for a while, but I love blogging too much, and have so many supportive commenters that I’d hate to let a few douchebags ruin things. And so, I will be banning IPs. If you send me a mean comment and it doesn’t appear, it’s either been trashed, or your IP has been banned and it’s been sent to spam. Now, I’m NOT trying to shut down dissenting opinions. I don’t mind disagreement. However, it’s blatant cruelty, or a commenter that has gone out of their way to find negative things to say to me that I’m not going to tolerate. I don’t need harassment on my own blog. This is my space, and I want it to be free from negativity (if anyone comments to say that my posts are negative, I’ll tell you to STFU. I write about things that move me, and I’m a passionate person. They’re not negative, they’re critical).

I think that it’s important to live by this mantra:

And so, I won’t.

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