While I may not participate anymore, I was one of the initial participants in HNT 5 years ago. I have my reasons for no longer participating, but I still support it whole-heartedly.

A lot of the bloggers that I follow, who are fairly new to the blogging game, have begun participating in HNT. Which is awesome. But the problem is, they’ve seen it on other blogs, assume the requirement is to post a sexy picture, and so that’s what they do. But that’s not what HNT is or how it works. So, even though I don’t participate anymore, I want to post the rules of HNT and the instructions for participation, because I think it’s important.

First of all, Osbasso invented HNT 5 years ago. If you post an HNT picture, at the very least, you should link back to Os. Here’s the rules, from Os’ blog:

  • In that North American, Puritanical way that most of my readers think, “Nekkid”, or its variations, somehow insinuates sex, or its variations. WRONG!! The purpose of “Half-Nekkid Thursday” is not to see sex acts! It is the celebration of exposure. Of your big toe. Of your breastbone. Of your knuckles. Of your uvula. Whatever. Of course, sex acts can qualify, so if you want to post those…..
  • “Nekkid” is not the same as nude! Again, nude qualifies, but it is not a requirement!
  • Pictures should be taken of you or by you. Don’t be going to some internet site and downloading “Half-Nekkid” pics. And don’t use Uncle Bob’s pictures from Spring Break ’72, either. Let’s try to keep this fairly “real”.
  • You don’t necessarily have to be the subject of the picture. By the same token, if you’re not, then the subject(s) should be known to you. No fair going to the beach and snapping pictures left and right. Yes, they might be “Half-Nekkid”, but they don’t follow the spirit of “Half-Nekkid Thursday”.
  • While animals can be included in a “Half-Nekkid Thursday” picture, they are not the focus, therefore cannot be the subject. If an animal is all that keeps your picture “Half-Nekkid” rather than “Full-Nekkid”, that’s OK.
  • You are allowed a very limited number of cute-kids-in-the-tub type of pictures. We’re interested in YOU!
  • Use some originality with your shots. Facial shots should be limited. Artsy body landscapes, conversely, are highly encouraged. If a partner/family member is needed to take the picture, that’s OK.
  • Props can help you with creativity, and their use is encouraged, but not necessary.
  • As we get into this, you may find that you want to post more than one picture for “Half-Nekkid Thursday”. I would discourage this practice unless absolutely necessary. You should hold some pictures in reserve, in case you find yourself without a new picture down the road.
  • While I can hardly control when you post pictures on your own blogs, let’s try to keep “Half-Nekkid Thursday” special, and post “Half-Nekkid” pics only on Thursdays. If you feel the urge to post them more than once a week, I might recommend just emailing them out, rather than posting.
  • Tattoos are certainly an acceptable subject, regardless of location. Scars are also acceptable, but please respect the others who visit “Half-Nekkid Thursday” on a regular basis. Spread out the scar pictures over a few weeks’ time, please!
  • Speaking of scars–If you use a picture of a scar, it must be accompanied by some sort of humorous anectdote as to how you got it. For a long, but good example, go here.
  • Other skin conditions might not be acceptable, due to good taste. These include, but are not limited to warts, zits, lesions, ingrown hairs, boils, open sores, peeling skin, scabies, rashes, or any other assorted gross things. I’m not saying that you can’t post them. Just use your best judgement, for the sake of the rest of us.
  • When referring to “Half-Nekkid Thursday”, please spell it correctly! Not Naked, not Neked, not Nakid. It’s “Half-Nekkid Thursday”.
  • It’s very important to not be dissing other’s submissions! We’re all going to have half-hearted entries from time to time. None of us is better than the other. One the other hand, it’s completely acceptable to heap praise upon those that deserve it!
  • IMPORTANT!–Remember to visit my current “HNT” post and leave a comment indicating that you’ve posted a picture for “Half-Nekkid Thursday”. Consider my blog as the informational kiosk for “Half-Nekkid Thursday”. You’ll be able to see who is joining the tradition. Commenting is much easier for all concerned, rather than updating my blog each time someone posts their picture. I will try to keep the Blogroll in my sidebar updated each week.

Now, I copied and pasted these from his blog. But the most important part of these guidelines is that a) please link back to Os, and b) comment on his HNT post each week so he knows you’re up, and also every other person participating knows that you are participating, too.

As I said, I no longer participate, but I respect Os and HNT enough to repost these guidelines, as I watch new people with very good intentions join in with no idea about what HNT actually is. At the minimum, link to Os and comment on his HNT post, please.

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  1. OsbassoNo Gravatar
    Posted June 11, 2010 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for doing this, Britni. This has been the most frustrating part over the past year…people joining in, but not really having a clue as to what they were doing. Hope to see a bunch of newbies now!

    (miss you, too, btw…) ;-)

  2. EmmaNo Gravatar
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    Sorry, I hope that wasn’t a reponse to my “Pics or it didn’t happen!” joke on the “World’s Most Boring Masturbator” post…and then the question was merely that – not a request or an assumption – a question.

    I should probably stop joking on here. It’s got me into trouble twice now, it seems.

    • Britni TheVadgeWigNo Gravatar
      Posted June 13, 2010 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

      Not at all! It was in response to a lot of bloggers participating in HNT without knowing how to do so properly.

  3. Dangerous LillyNo Gravatar
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    One of the primary reasons that I switched from HNT to Wanton Wednesdays is because of the fact that HNT wasn’t “supposed” to be about uber-sexy nearly-naked provocative photos, and I felt a quiet disgruntle from some of the original HNT crowd.

    While I can understand that the newbies are mainly doing it to garner more traffic, perhaps their uber-sexy pics might fit in better with WW, and they can do something more artsy/clothed for HNT.

  4. adrianaNo Gravatar
    Posted June 14, 2010 at 5:42 am | Permalink

    I’ve never done with but it’s hard not to have run across some of the posts. I never knew where it originated because, even when someone did link back, the post on O’s blog is kind of a weird way to set up a meme. It seems outdated and irrelevant. He should definitely take advantage of blogger’s pages feature now-or give it its own spot on the web.

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