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All of my worst qualities:


I am definitely tactless, outspoken, and blunt, though I think all of those things kind of go hand in hand. As for irresponsible? Yup. Overly critical? Oh, hell yeah. But blindly optimistic I definitely am not. I am a pessimistic, glass-is-half-empty kind of gal.

I always find reading the qualities attributed to my zodiac sign to be endlessly fascinating because 9 times out of 10 they are dead fucking on. For example, these are the traits associated with Sagittariuses (Sagittarian?). I have bolded the ones that I think apply to me and any comments are in italics:

  • witty conversationalist
  • freedom loving / free-spirited
  • idealistic / believing
  • moral (hahahahaha. Wait. Hahahahaha)
  • intelligent / intellectual
  • positive / optimistic (Sure, if my positive you mean the most cynical, pessimistic person on Earth)
  • honest / sincere (Honest, because I am honest to a fault, but sincere notsomuch)
  • reliable
  • enterprising / ambitious
  • energetic / active
  • versatile
  • adventurous
  • independent / unfettered
  • generous
  • temperamental
  • impatient / restless
A lot of those really do hit the nail on the head. Now, here are my ideal careers, likes, and dislikes. The same rules apply as above:
  • Ideal Careers: teaching (Um, I hate hate hate kids), the law (Um, I hate hate hate the law), theology and religion (Um, I hate hate hate hate religion), politics (Um, I hate hate hate politics), public relations or advertising, anything related to travel, arts, science, medicine and research (This section is kind of funny because it couldn’t be further from accurate)
  • Likes: travel and adventure, honesty, justice and law, freedom, meaning, intellectual compatibility, taking risks, socializing
  • Dislikes: routine and chores, being constrained,  being tied down (well, unless it’s in the bedroom, because then I LOVE it), being forced to do things (again, unless we are in bed), being doubted, having to explain oneself, being forced to make promises, being bothered by little details.
So, except for the ideal careers, I consider myself a pretty typical Sagittarius. Especially regarding things I hate and my negative attributes. What do you guys think of astrology?
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  1. Chica
    Posted August 26, 2008 at 6:18 am | Permalink

    Well pretty much all areas of career are listed there so you were bound to strike with one. I think you got all the best qualities of a Sag down pat anyway.

    I like the bit that says you don't like being bothered by little details.

    Little details = waste of time.

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